Hilltop Environmental Engineering, Inc.
Environmental Engineering, Auditing, and
Compliance Assistance

Jesse Hackenberg, PE

PO Box 460

New Berlin, PA 17855



Hilltop Environmental Engineering offers services in Environmental Engineering, Compliance Assistance, and Program Auditing. Jesse Hackenberg, the owner of Hilltop, is a Professional Engineer with extensive environmental engineering experience. Jesse realizes the impact that environmental regulations have on industrial, municipal, and agricultural operations. Jesse's intent, through Hilltop Environmental Engineering, is to provide the economically efficient compliance that is essential in today's increasingly stringent regulatory environment.

Jesse is available to work with you to develop compliance strategies that will meet your goals, as well as the requirements of the federal, state, and local environmental regulators.

Jesse has an engineering degree from Bucknell University and thirty-five years of experience in all facets related to manufacturing in Central Pennsylvania. As a Professional Engineer in the Environmental discipline, Jesse understands the necessity of finding the balance between respecting the environment and pursuing a profitable business plan.




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